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About MAME

The McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (MAME) is a council composed of dedicated students elected by their peers to represent the needs and wants of over 700 undergraduate students. MAME’s mission is to enrich the university experience for mechanical engineering students academically, professionally, and socially. This is achieved through collaboration with companies like yourself as industry exposure allows students to develop professionally and determine the direction of their post graduate careers. Working with MAME allows your corporation to engage with the talented engineers of tomorrow as you show them what you have to offer. In the 2024 QS University Rankings, McGill places 30th worldwide; don’t miss the opportunity to put your name on the map with some of the brightest youth in the country!

Industry Events

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Case Competitions

Description: Teams of two or more students will collaborate to solve a business and engineering related issue that the company fictitiously faces. A set time frame will be given. Teams then present their solution to a judging panel, and a prize is awarded to the first-place team and optionally to second and third place as well.

Purpose: Expose undergraduate mechanical engineering students to potential work life scenarios and opportunities at your company. Case competitions aid in developing problem solving and professional skills.

Location: On McGill campus or an online platform.

Your Role: Provide participants with an engaging experience that encourages teamwork, creative problem solving, and professionalism; sponsor any awards/prizes given to participants.

Mech Madness

Mech Madness Photo

Description: 16th annual 3-day excursion in the fall to a choice destination where students participate in industry tours and activities with neighboring universities.

Purpose: Expose undergraduate mechanical engineering students to various industries and potential post graduate career paths.

Your Role: Provide participants with an engaging facilities tour to provide insight in the day-to-day workings of both the corporation and industry in general. Tours approximately 2 hours in length. Speak to manufacturing, design, R&D, etc.


CAD|Madness Photo

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  • Company exposure to 4000+ engineering students
  • Logo prominently advertised on all materials including merchandise, posters, social media posts, etc.
  • Cultivate relationships with MAME and students for future networking opportunities (includes on-campus events such as case competitions, career workshops, etc.)
  • Capture interest of premier McGill students seeking career opportunities upon graduation

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