Our Council


Walker Singleton

Oversee all of MAME's activities and support its councilors. Also act as MAME's representative to external groups.

VP External

Nina-Marie Martinez

Connecting students with external engineering organizations through industry tours, speed networking sessions, and industry dinners & cocktail events with professionals.

VP Academic

Yahya Haider

The link between students and the faculty. Tasked to manage course-related complaints and new academic initiatives, as well as organizing academic forums and workshops.

VP Internal

Thomas Tuchenhagen

Responsible for organizing larger-scale interdepartmental social events for mechanical engineering including banquets!

VP Finance

Constantinos Mavroedis

Making sure your student fees are used appropriately and cash flow remains healthy within MAME!

VP Events

Sophie Jones-Glick

Responsible for planning all medium and small-scale social events for mechanical engineers.

VP Admin

Maxwell Au

Responsible for managing the Mech clothing sale, applying to the Student Space Fund each semester, and keeping the MAME lounge organized.


Naomi Fung

Responsible for promoting inclusivity, diversity, and providing an equitable environment in the Mechanical Engineering community.

VP Communications

Luis Sanchez

Responsible for managing MAME's online platforms and the weekly newsletter, with a focus on sharing information about what matters the most to mechies.

U4 Rep

Lianne Campbell

Make mechies who really shouldn't still be here have fun and stay even longer but also make graduating less hard.

U3 Rep

Pierre-Luc Leboeuf

Make U3 mechies have fun.

U2 Rep

Antoine Voyer

Make U2 mechies have fun.

U1 Rep

Jessica Lau

Make U1 mechies have fun.

U0 Rep

Nicholas de Chazal

Make U0 mechies have fun.